Dec. 4,Juche 111 (2022) Sunday  
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Mausoleum of 25th King of Koryo Unearthed in DPRK


Recently, the mausoleum of the 25th king of Koryo (918-1392), the first unified state of the Korean nation, was unearthed in Haeson-ri, Kaesong City of the DPRK.

New Cave Relics Discovered in Pyongyang


A study group of the History Faculty of Kim Il Sung University discovered a cave dating back to the Paleolithic Age in Rimgyong Workers' District in Kangdong County of Pyongyang City and intensified the research into the relics to scientifically unravel them in the DPRK.

Relic from Koryo Period (918-1932) Found in DPRK


Archaeologists of the Academy of Social Sciences in the DPRK have recently found a carved Buddhist image in Chongjong ri, Unjon County of North Phyongan Province.