Rodong Sinmun

Reckless Act for Confrontation


The U.S. is going to sell 14 military whirlybird "CH-47D"s to its south Korean puppets, according to a foreign dispatch.

They are said to be delivered to south Korea from January next year under the approval of U.S. Congress.

The U.S. advertises as if the delivery would help the south Korean puppets improve their combat capacity.

Nobody knows to what extent the helicopters would enhance the combat capacity and morale of the war servant.

But, the problem is the real intention of the U.S. to sell its weapons.

In a word, the U.S. seeks to whip up confrontation between the north and south on the Korean Peninsula and thus to extremely exacerbate the tension and justify its new war maneuvers under the pretext of it.

It is a dangerous act to aggravate war danger.

This year, the U.S. has strained the situation of the Korean Peninsula as never before.

Noisily trumpeting about threat from the DPRK, the U.S. has ceaselessly staged large-scale war exercises such as "Key Resolve", "Foal Eagle" and "Ulji Freedom Guardian".

It was aimed, above all, to finish preparations for nuclear war to stifle our republic. Another aim was to help the U.S. munitions enterprises suffering from the government's cut of military expenses monopolize the arms market of south Korea.

Japan is a U.S. arms market and neo-colony.

The U.S. is not only selling a lot of weapons to Japan, but sending new war equipment into the U.S. military bases in Japan in a bid to exasperate the situation of Northeast Asia.

Of late, the U.S. has deployed its new-type sea patrol plane "P-8 Poseidon" in Japan.

It is an act of aggravating the ever-worsening situation of Northeast Asia because of the territorial dispute and the strained tension of the Korean Peninsula. It is also a reckless demeanor to steadily reinforce arms and maintain its military supremacy in the Asia-Pacific region.

However desperately it may cling to arms sale and military buildup for confrontation and supremacy, the U.S. can never get rid of the wretched plight.

The U.S. is following in the steps of the fate of the Roman Empire.

The DPRK will give a greater impetus to strengthening its self-defense deterrence to check the ever-increasing threat from the U.S. and its supremacy and defend peace and security of the Asia-Pacific region including the Korean Peninsula.

Ri Kyong Su