Rodong Sinmun

Love for Children Yields Fruit

 - Story of Railway Section Team Members -


At the foot of hill called Palyongryong stands a hamlet. Isolated from the outer world there was no school there. Children had to go a long way to attend classes every day.

One day in April last year Jo Myong Muk, an official of the Jongju railway branch office, called in at the village on some business. He heard from the section team members that their children had to go to school quite a way off.

He immediately met workers to discuss how to tackle the problem. Finally, they decided to set up a branch school in that out-of-the-way village. They knew it was not an easy task, but buckled down to it in no time.

They laid out the site for the school at a sunny place of the hill fringed with fruit trees. Now the first thing they needed was cement, iron rods and some other materials. As soon as they got them in hand, they formed a construction team with young workers. Officials of the railway sub-branch frequently went to the spot to give a helping hand.

In a few months a branch school, so cozy and smart, was erected.

The bell rang echoing all through the valleys nearby. It rang for the first class at the new branch school. Villagers all turned up. Among them was an old man in his 80s. Their hands feeling desks and chairs, they burst into tears. The oldest man exclaimed, "It all seems to be a dream to think that our grandchildren will be learning here. They don't have to go to a far-away school any more. I want to thank the Workers' Party for all this. No one else can ever do it for our children."

The school began but many things awaited solution such as getting the school better furnished and providing the pupils with sufficient school things and liquid crystal TV sets for educational use.

A new atmosphere began overflowing at the school and mountain village. School boys and girls would come to school far earlier than before, sweep playgrounds and clean the classrooms. Some boys go on bicycle to bring their teachers. Learning of this, an official of the railway branch office came with a new bicycle which he had bought for the school.

Good deeds of those working at the railway branch office moved the villagers who said in one voice, "Their love for the village children reflects the great love of our mother Party for all our children, the love that can only be compared to the beams of the great Sun."

*                                                   *

Informed of the good deeds of the railway workers 19 last December, the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un saw to it that their virtues be known throughout the country.

Kim Myong Hun