Rodong Sinmun

Merry Folklore Holiday


Streets of Pyongyang were in a festive mood on the Lunar New Year's Day.

On the day school children in the Central District of the city spent the holiday, enjoying various kinds of folklore amusement games such as kite-flying, top spinning, shuttlecock game, rope skipping and so on at Kim Il Sung Square.

Their happy looks gave delight to citizens. Schoolchildren's yut-game there attracted the attention of the spectators.

Similar folklore amusement games were also held at the Arch of Triumph Square. The schoolchildren and little children in national costume were joined by passersby.

Not only school children but also working people from all walks of life in the city enjoyed the holiday with various folk amusement games including Korean chess, Paduk and yut-game in different parts of the city.

Story by Correspondent Choe Su Bok


Photo by Rim Hak Rak, Jon Song Nam