Rodong Sinmun

Denuclearization Is Common Goal


The DPRK National Defence Commission in its crucial proposals and open letter called on the south Korean side to take realistic measures together to prevent impending nuclear disasters with concerted efforts of the Korean nation.

Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is a goal common to the nation as it should be realized by concerted efforts of all the Koreans.

The Korean Peninsula is a region fraught with the biggest danger of nuclear war in the world.

Even minor and accidental conflict can immediately lead to an all-out war there. Such a dangerous situation is gravely threatening the life and security of our nation.

It is a vital issue of the Korean nation to prevent a nuclear war danger on the Peninsula.

Nobody should unfairly doubt our principled and patriotic attitude and will for denuclearization.

Immediate nuclear disasters are to be caused not by the nation itself, but by outsiders.

The U.S. is bringing about the danger of nuclear disasters by amassing ground, sea and air nuclear strike means in and around the Korean Peninsula frequently.

South Korea is the most dangerous nuclear war hotbed on the globe that has inflicted constant nuclear threat on the Korean nation generation after generation.

The nuclear issue of the Korean Peninsula originated when the U.S. brought nuclear weapons into south Korea in the late 1950s.

The main purport of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is to put an end to the U.S. nuclear threat and blackmail against all the Korean nation and prevent impending nuclear holocaust.

Those who know the root cause of the nuclear issue of the Korean Peninsula and the main purport of denuclearization have no reason to accuse the DPRK of its self-defensive nuclear force and the line of simultaneously developing economic construction and nuclear upbuilding.

Our nuclear forces are a treasured sword common to the nation to defend the country and the nation from the U.S. threat and blackmail. They are not a means to blackmail or hurt the fellow countrymen.

In south Korea there have frequently been staged frantic war games for nuclear preemptive attack on the DPRK with the involvement of large quantities of nuclear war devices, thereby creating a touch-and-go situation on the peninsula.

Such a dangerous situation, however, did not lead to a nuclear war because we firmly defended peace of the Peninsula with our self-defensive nuclear forces.

Peace of the peninsula and security of the Korean nation are inconceivable apart from our nuclear forces.

Our line of developing the two major fronts, economic and nuclear, is also our wise self-defensive option to defend the country and nation from the aggressors' nuclear war moves.

The south Korean authorities should answer the question of the nation whether they will bring in nukes of the outsider to do harm to the destiny of the nation or prevent nuclear disasters in concerted efforts of the nation and thus open the road of reconciliation, cooperation and reunification.

Even under the foreign forces' nuclear war moves peace is maintained and the security of the nation is reliably guaranteed on the Peninsula. It clearly proves the patriotic character of our proposal.

The nuclear forces of the DPRK are greatly benefitting the south Korean people, not harming them.

Political parties, public organizations and people of all social standings in south Korea should keep in mind that nuclear holocaust of the Korean Peninsula comes from the outsiders who do not want to see reunification of the Korean nation and never tolerate the act of bringing in the U.S. nuclear strike means.

The attitude towards the inter-Korean relations is a touchstone that distinguishes reunification from division, and patriotism from treachery.

All fellow Koreans are responsible for the failure to put an end to the tragedy of national division. We should become patriots, not traitors to the nation.

The patriotic life devoted to the country and nation will be alive forever.

Choe Chol Sun