Interrupter's Act to Make Good Impression


Some time ago the U.S. secretary of state instructed during his Middle East trip that Palestine and Israel should make a framework agreement by coming April.

Now the U.S. perks itself up as if it were "mediator" opening a road to peace in the Middle East region. It says it is none other than the U.S. which revitalizes the Middle East peace talk from bankruptcy. How cunning it is!

Why did the Middle East peace talk come to a rupture? Under whose connivance does Israel perpetrate reckless acts disturbing peace? It is because of Israel and the U.S. backing the former that no progress has been made in the peace process between Palestine and Israel.

As the U.S. stands up for Israel behind the scene, Israel commits what it wants to do building of Jewish settlements and military attacks -- in defiance of the denunciation by international community. Nevertheless, the U.S. behaves as if it were concerned for peace in the Middle East. It is not fortuitous that the international community expresses the skepticism over the arbitration of U.S. Above all, it should have a right stand to the issue of peace in the Middle East.

As long as the U.S. which tries to realize its strategy to dominate the Middle East with Israel as shock brigade behaves as "mediator" and "an apostle of peace", Israel will continue acts of disturbing peace in that region. If the U.S. really wants peace in the Middle East, it should pay attention to controlling its henchman.

Chae Il Chul