Rodong Sinmun


Extensive Reading Encouraged



Reading is encouraged among all our people. It is required by our Party and its policy. Our people are striving to bring in a period of greater happiness and prosperity for their motherland, Songun Korea.

At the 8th Conference of Ideological Workers of the Workers' Party of Korea Marshal Kim Jong Un taught reading must be encouraged among our people so that it might make a way to our revolutionary ideological offensive.

What is the purpose of our Party's call for reading? It is to train our soldiers and people to be stronger in their ideological readiness and faith so that they can get the better of the imperialists who try to strangulate us. Reading will make people firm ideologically and remain true to the Party as ever.

Reading will also help them much in building a rich and powerful nation.

In our country good conditions are provided to the people for reading and learning to their hearts' content.

They must learn to see without reading books no one can be true to the Party, no one can be a patriot, and no one can live a life worth living. So they must make reading part and parcel of their life, make a habit of reading, and make a practical contribution to the building of a rich and powerful country.