Rodong Sinmun


Let Us Dynamically Start a Revolution in Literature and Arts
in New Century of Juche under Leadership of WPK!


Now is the time to make a revolution in the field of literature and arts, the outposts of our party's ideological front, just as it was carried out in the 1970s to usher in a shining renascence in the Juche-oriented literature and arts and beat the drum for the revolution across the country.

The start of the revolution in literature and arts heralds a victory of the revolutionary ideological offensive and a dynamic advance of the drive for building a thriving nation.

This revolution is a prerequisite to resolutely foiling the imperialists' reactionary ideology and culture with a revolutionary ideological offensive and bringing about a sure victory in the struggle to defend socialism.

A victory is certain in the place where loud singing of the song of revolution is heard. This is the immutable truth proved by the history of the Korean revolution which has won one victory after another in the confrontation with U.S.-led imperialism.

Only when the writers and artistes create lots of famous works in the Songun era prevalent with the socialist ideology and the scent of socialist way of life, cherishing firmer faith than anyone else, Korean-style socialism will win only victories, deeply rooted among the people.

All creators and artistes should glorify the great Kim Jong Un's era by ushering in a heyday of the Juche-oriented literature and arts with noble aspiration and confidence, strong fighting spirit and creative work style.