Rodong Sinmun

Promising Footballers Grow


Nearly one year has elapsed since the opening of Pyongyang International Football School.

The respected Marshal Kim Jong Un visited the school in June last year. He instructed officials that the school should constantly improve the education content and method in accordance with the demand of the developing reality and properly organize the work of management and operation so as to bring up a large number of reserves of promising footballers.

Last year has witnessed laudable successes made in training pillars who will shoulder the soccer development of the country.

Above all, it built up teachers who will conduct education at a high phase.

It strictly selected students, pillars for soccer development of the country. Promising are all the students studying at the school.

Now one hundred and scores of students are studying at the school, divided into primary, middle and senior classes.

Each student is provided with nourishing meal according to his or her health and dietary custom amid the attention of the state.

The school has artificial and natural turf football grounds for international games.

Students of the school trounced all its rivals at the international junior football contest held in China in March this year, winning a gold medal.


So Nam Il