Rodong Sinmun

Neither Concession, Nor Compromise


High ranking officials of the U.S. like to chant that North Korea's nuclear threat can plunge not only the U.S. mainland, but the world into chaos. They talk about an advanced measure for denuclearization, clamoring that they do not recognize our access to nuke and dialogue and the improved DPRK-U.S. relations are possible only when we abandon nuke.

Meanwhile, the followers of the U.S. vociferate that we cannot make progress in the economy if we refuse to give up nuke and that they would help us live well if we choose another way.

The U.S. and its followers pretend to be interested in denuclearization of the Korean peninsula only with an absurd scheme to lead us to make concession or compromise without further bolstering war deterrent.

Our Party's line of simultaneously building up the economy and nuclear force is a strategic line set forth from the ever more complicated and strained situation on the Peninsula and the prevailing situation in which a grave obstacle is laid in the way ahead of the DPRK.

The tenacious hostile policy of the U.S. towards the DPRK proceeds from its fear that without stifling the DPRK it can neither seize hegemony of the Asia-Pacific region, nor realize its ambition to dominate the world.

The U.S. diverts the strategic center for world supremacy to the Asia-Pacific region. It thinks it cannot dominate the world without seizing the Asia-Pacific region which is rich in human and material resources and in which several big powers exist.

The U.S. regards the DPRK as the biggest obstacle to its strategy to dominate the region.

The U.S. bellicose forces are making desperate efforts to remove it because they cannot siege other big powers without stifling the DPRK which holds an important place geopolitically and has become a nuclear state.

Our strategic line is very just in the light of the bloody lesson drawn from the tragic happenings in many countries.

Our Party's line of developing nuke abreast with the economy is a revolutionary line enabling us to build a thriving nation by developing the economy and improving the people’s standard of living by our own efforts, not by relying on any others.

Our nuclear force is a national treasure that can never be abandoned nor be bartered for any precious things as long as imperialism remains on the globe and nuclear threat is posed on the DPRK.

Our nuclear deterrent is neither a political bargaining chip nor a matter for economic dealing.

The U.S. should stop a foolish act of trying to use our Party’s strategic line as a bargaining chip.

Ri Hyon Do