Bright Lodestar of National Reunification


The cause of Korea's independent reunification is sure to be accomplished despite the persistent challenges and obstructive moves of the separatist forces as the Koreans have respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un as the sun of the nation and the bright lodestar of national reunification.

It is the noble patriotic will of the father of the nation to decisively end the confrontation era woven with distrust and antagonism and usher in a new era of national reconciliation and unity.

It is time that the north and the south of Korea sit face to face with a view to holding sincere discussions over the issue of improving inter-Korean relations by our nation itself and seek a way out for its settlement in a bold manner. The north and the south should remove mutual misunderstanding and distrust, open a broad avenue of improving relations through reconciliation and cooperation and thus fulfill their responsibility and role as the motive force of national reunification.

To defuse the grave military tension and create a peaceful environment on the Korean Peninsula is the primary task for improving the north-south relations at the lowest ebb, saving the nation's destiny from crisis and ushering in a new era of national reunification.

The recent inter-Korean high-level talks are a precious fruition of the new policy set forth by the respected Supreme Leader in his New Year Address to improve the north-south relations.

He is a peerless patriot and the supreme incarnation of love and benevolence as he is creditably carrying forward the patriotic history with the same warm love for the nation and benevolence as those of the great leaders.

A new dawn of national reunification is breaking thanks to his warm patriotic will and under his extraordinary leadership.

Un Jong Chol