Issue of Inter-Korean Relations Should be Independently Settled


 The inter-Korean high-level talks were held recently and an agreement has been reached. In order to lead this to national reunification by expanding these successes, it is necessary to reject interference of foreign forces and surely maintain the stand to independently solve the issue of the north-south relations by the Korean nation itself under the unfurled banner of national independence.

The inter-Korean relations are the internal affair of our nation from A to Z.

No foreign forces have qualifications and justification to poke their noses into the issue of inter-Korean relations. If foreign forces interfere in the issue, there would be difficulties in realizing the will and demands of our nation because of their interests.

Dependence on the United States and cooperation with it make it impossible to realize fundamental interests of the nation as the U.S., clean indifferent to the destiny of other countries and nations, seeks only its interests for aggression, opposes reconciliation and unity of our nation and reunification and puts break on them.

It is the height of folly to curry favor with foreign forces and get support from them in solving the issue of inter-Korean relations.

The issue of inter-Korean relations is the internal affair of the Korean nation and so it is necessary to reject the intervention of outsiders and for the north and the south to solve the issue independently. Only then, the issue of inter-Korean relations, the issue of national reunification, can be smoothly solved in keeping with the aspiration and demand of our nation.

Our nation has either strength or wisdom for improving the inter-Korean relations. And the will and way to improve the inter-Korean relations rest with our nation.

Our nation has the strength enough to hew out its destiny by itself with independent view.

The stand and viewpoint on national independence serve as clear touchstone to distinguish who wants to improve inter-Korean relations or not.

Un Jong Chol