Let Us Increase Politico-Ideological Strength in Every Way


It is important to increase the politico-ideological strength in every way so as to further accelerate the advance of the revolution by successfully carrying out the militant tasks set forth by the Workers’ Party of Korea this year.

The politico-ideological might is the first and foremost strength of our state and the motive force for building a powerful socialist country.

The great single-minded unity is a source of the heroic struggle of our motherland which has won only victory, overcoming ordeals of every description through the untrodden path for the accomplishment of the socialist cause of Juche. To increase the politico-ideological might guarantees the dignity, victory and eternal prosperity of the socialist state.

Thanks to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, the peerlessly great man, the politico-ideological might of Juche Korea has been fully demonstrated.

Socialist Korea is a country of single-minded unity which successfully achieved the ideological oneness.

A state is invincible when it has an ideology and politics to win the sympathy of all people and unite them and has achieved firmly unity and cohesion.

Our people never doubt the possibility of the long-term plan of the Party.

The Party’s policy is a science and truth which must be unconditionally implemented in the face of every description of difficulties. This reflects all the people’s loyalty.

Getting more dynamic each day is this year’s revolutionary march of Juche Korea advancing with the might of the single-minded unity based on the great idea and indomitable mental power.

All people should work hard for the prosperity of the socialist country, the greatest people’s country, closely united around the Party.