Report on Results of Election of Deputies to SPA Issued


 The Central Election Committee on Tuesday released a report on the results of the election of the deputies to the 14th Supreme People's Assembly (SPA) of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea held on Mar. 10, Juche 108(2019).

According to the report, the election was held in conformity with the Law on the Elections of Deputies to the People's Assemblies at All Levels.

All the electors participated as one in the election to cement our people's power as firm as a rock, the report said, and continued:

Electors abroad or working in oceans failed to take part in the election.

According to the result of vote count, 99.99 percent of all the electors registered on the voter rolls across the country attended the election and 100 percent of them cast their ballots for the candidates for deputies to the SPA registered in relevant constituencies.

The Central Election Committee made public the list of 687 persons elected to the SPA after examining the reports on the results of election submitted by election committees at all constituencies across the country.

Rodong News Team