Nordic Internet Seminar Takes Place in Sweden


A Nordic Internet Seminar "Scientific accuracy and truthfulness of Juche-oriented theory of socialism" took place in Sweden from Oct. 28 to Nov. 4 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the publication of Chairman Kim Jong Il's work "Socialism Is a Science".

The website for the seminar carried the full text of the work "Socialism Is a Science", pictures showing the superiority of the DPRK's socialist system and an introduction of the seminar, illustrated with a portrait of smiling Kim Jong Il.

It also posted such written speeches as "Korean-style socialism consistent with Juche-oriented viewpoint is the most superior and scientific socialism", "Socialism will surely win victory for its scientific accuracy and truthfulness" and "Defending the scientific socialism" made by various personages including Anders Kristensen, chairman of the Denmark-DPRK Friendship Association, Christer Lundgren, chairman of the Sweden-Korea Friendship Association, and the chief of the Valencia Group for the Study of the Juche Idea of Spain.

The writers recalled that HE Kim Jong Il published the work "Socialism is a Science" 25 years ago at a time when the imperialists took the advantage of the collapse of socialism in East European countries to get more undisguised in their moves against socialism day by day, and praised the ideo-theoretical feats of the peerlessly great man.

They stressed that the Workers' Party of Korea and the Korean people are vigorously advancing along the path chosen by themselves in the face of all the hardships and difficulties under the leadership of HE Kim Jong Un and the Juche-oriented socialism, the most scientific one, will win victory after victory.

Rodong Sinmun