Anti-Epidemic Measures Toughened in Coastal Areas of DPRK


Anti-epidemic measures have been toughened in the DPRK to thoroughly check the maritime inroads of the malignant virus.

Emergency anti-epidemic organs in coastal areas are scrupulously organizing the work for further strengthening the anti-epidemic inspection along the seashore and its vicinity.

They also keep themselves alert and work hard to perfect their material and technical foundation to cope with any emergency circumstances.

They have established an all-citizens information system for tackling abnormal phenomenon, strengthened the anti-epidemic forces and reinforced the coastal observation post.

They also strictly observe the anti-epidemic rules in incinerating and burying the beach-drifting rubbishes.

They tighten the control to make sure that relevant regulations and order are strictly observed in the entry into the sea, taking immediate measures against imperfections in their anti-epidemic work.

Rodong Sinmun