Ideological Campaign Launched to Curb Health Crisis 


All the Party organizations and officials in the DPRK have turned out to arouse the masses to the anti-epidemic campaign.

The Pyongyang City Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea launched a work to implant the ideas and spirit of the 8th Political Bureau Meeting of the 8th WPK Central Committee and the consultative meeting of the Political Bureau of the WPK Central Committee into the masses through motivation means, while displaying the revolutionary slogans and watchwords at industrial establishments and in streets and villages.

The North Phyongan Provincial Party Committee disseminated a radio program calling upon the people to safeguard their own precious lives and future to the end by emerging victorious in the ongoing anti-epidemic war. It has also made sure that itinerant art squads in the province conduct vigorous agitation activities for encouraging the people to the anti-epidemic campaign.

The North Hamgyong Provincial Party Committee has scrupulously organized the work to inform the people of the orders and instructions from the state emergency epidemic prevention headquarters and the anti-epidemic rules in combination with the faults revealed in the past epidemic prevention work, thus awakening the masses.

The Party organizations in North Hwanghae Province made their officials go among the masses and conduct a political work for inspiring them to positively respond to the state emergency steps under the present circumstance in which the people are separately working with each enterprise or family as a unit in a state of tight closure.

The Party organizations in Nampho and Kaesong cities focus their efforts on raising the awareness of the masses that it is very important in safeguarding safety of the country and people as well as themselves and their families to more strictly observe the epidemic prevention rules of the state.

Party organizations and officials across the country, including those in South Phyongan, South Hamgyong and South Hwanghae provinces, have found themselves among the popular masses and shared joy and sorrow with them, positively conducting the organizational and political work for inspiring the people with confidence in sure victory in the ongoing anti-epidemic war and for overcoming the current health crisis.

Rodong Sinmun