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Kim Jong Un Provides Field Guidance to Foodstuff Factory of KPA



Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and first chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, provided field guidance to Foodstuff Factory No. 354 of the KPA.

The factory with a total plottage of at least 6 900 square meters is a foodstuff processing base for mass-producing confectionary and bread for service personnel.

Officials of the factory told Kim Jong Un in an excited tone that its employees were speeding up production after voluntarily coming out to the factory at the thought that he would surely visit their work site on the Day of Mothers.

He with a broad smile on his face extended warm congratulations to the working women of the factory on the day.

Kim Jong Un looked round the room dedicated to its history.

He said the factory developed into a food processing base specializing in the production of high-quality confectionary and bread for service personnel under the meticulous guidance and care of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il.

Going round various places of the factory including biscuit, bread and zeppole shops and cultural hall of the factory, he learned in detail about the progress made in its modernization, production and cultural and emotional life of its workers.

He praised the factory for putting all production processes including command, monitoring and control on the basis of automation by intensifying the drive for pushing back the frontiers of the latest science and technology so as to hit its high goals for its updating true to the intention of the party. He personally tasted biscuit, saying it looks attractive and is tasty.




Noting that the factory, though small in production area, is raising work efficiency and improving quality of products while using not big work force and cutting down production cost as less as possible, he stressed this is ascribable to the modernization of its production processes as desired by the party.

Saying he was satisfied to visit the factory, he highly appreciated it as an icon factory and a model foodstuff factory to be proud of.

Noting that women workers are engaged in pleasant labor at the factory where cultured practice is established in production and life, he repeatedly said the factory is very excellent.

He extended thanks to all workers of the factory on behalf of the Supreme Commander of the KPA for providing tasty and nutritious foodstuffs to service personnel after updating it and boosting production as intended by the party.

Expressing expectation and belief that the workers of the factory would as ever fulfill their honorable duties so that the service personnel might call them mothers, he had a photo session with them.

He was accompanied by KPA Vice Marshal Choe Ryong Hae, director of the General Political Bureau of the KPA, KPA General Jang Jong Nam, minister of the People's Armed Forces, KPA Col. General So Hong Chan, first vice-minister of the People's Armed Forces, and Hwang Pyong So, vice department director of the Central Committee of the WPK.




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