Sep. 20, Juche 103 (2014)  Saturday
Let us raise a fierce wind of making a fresh leap forward on all fronts of building a thriving country filled with confidence in victory!

Tennis Competition of Officials Held2014.09.20
National Presentation of Scientific and Technological Achievements of Chemical Industry2014.09.20
Birthday Party Given for Participants in Meeting of Primary Organization Cadres of Youth League2014.09.20
2014 Provincial Mass Sports Contest to Be Held2014.09.20
"Selected Works of Kim Jong Il" Vol. 23 (Enlarged Edition) Off Press in DPRK 2014.09.18
Journalists, Media Persons Start Study Tour of Revolutionary Battle Sites in Area of Mt. Paektu2014.09.18
U.S.-S. Korea Military Nexus2014.09.18
S. Korean Regime's Confrontation Racket2014.09.17
CPRK Secretariat Condemns S. Korean Authorities for Kicking Off Anti-DPRK Campaign2014.09.16
Not Escalate Confrontation with DPRK2014.09.16
S. Korean Authorities' Theory of "Confidence-building" under Fire2014.09.16
S. Korean Authorities Urged to Show Sincerity for Improving Inter-Korean Relations2014.09.15
Report on Visit of WPK's Delegation to Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy2014.09.20
Niger President Hopes for Korea's Peaceful Reunification2014.09.20
Egyptian President Wishes Korean People Successes2014.09.20
Moves for Forming U.S.- S. Korea Combined Division2014.09.20
Pyongyang Int'l Science and Technology Book Fair Closes2014.09.20
Tribute Paid to Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il2014.09.19
CPRK Demands Pullout of U.S. Forces in S. Korea2014.09.10
U.S. Forces in S. Korea Are Cancer-like Entity: Institute for Disarmament and Peace2014.09.06
S. Korean Authorities Denounced for Abusing Olympic Idea for Their Sinister Political Purpose2014.09.01
North-targeted War Maneuvers Should Not Be Repeated Any Longer: Spokesman for CPRK2014.08.30
Vice-Chairman of DPRK Olympic Committee Refers to Preparations for Asian Games2014.08.30

U.S.-S. Korea Military Nexus

The south Korean puppet forces are mulling organizing south Korea-U.S. combined division till the next year by merging together the Second Division of the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces in south Korea and a mechanized brigade of the puppet army under the pretext of "strengthening combined defense posture" and "deterring provocation of the north".

This is an unpardonable …

[Editorial] Increase Speed of General Advance2014.09.16
[Article] Country Dignified Thanks to Independence Can Guarantee National Prosperity2014.09.13
[Commentary] U.S. Not to Be Overconfident to Ruin Itself2014.09.12
[Commentary] U.S. Troops Should Be Withdrawn from S. Korea2014.09.11
[Article] Kim Il Sung, the Great Leader of Korean People2014.09.10

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