Rodong Sinmun

We Will Follow Kim Jong Un Forever


The public sentiments now soar high.

Hearing the report on the enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, people get excited, their look grim and their faces thoughtful, and they want to say something without hesitation.

Listen to their voices, voices of soldiers first.

- Anger of the people never calms down.

- But Marshal Kim Jong Un we know no one.

- Forever with him we will go!

- Revolution means unity and that leads to victory.

History of our Party's ever-victorious leadership, the history of our revolution hewing its way ahead, has been that of struggle for purity and solid unity of the ranks of the Party and the revolution. Unity is achieved through struggle.

Uncompromising struggle against all alien and unsound elements has led to the unity and cohesion of the ranks of the Party and revolutionary ranks.

Now an epochal change is being made in our country with the succession of Juche revolutionary cause on the order of the day. It is against this background, the factional elements lurking in the Party reared their heads. They tried to pull out the root of unity of our revolutionary ranks. They were a handful of anti-Party, counter-revolutionary, factional elements. The Party saw their nasty attempt and nipped them in the bud, thus defending the unity of the revolutionary ranks and demonstrating its invincible might to the world.

May the world change many hundred times, and we will go forever with our respected Marshal Kim Jong Un toward final victory in the revolution.

Kim Sun Yong

Our army men and people are firm as ever in their resolve to accomplish
the revolutionary cause of Juche faithfully following the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.

Kim Song Nam