Editorial Keep up Revolutionary Spirit of Mt. Paektu


The revolutionary spirit created in Mt.Paektu is the root and ground that have fostered the mental power of Kim Il Sung nation; it is the spring of life for Songun Korea.

This spirit, as always, presses our people forward to a new victory in this year's struggle.

Our revolution originated in Mt. Paektu and so did the soul and stamina of our nation.

Now, our revolution is in a new period of historic turn.

Single-minded unity is what is basic to Juche revolution and Songun revolution and a powerful weapon in the hands of our nation. By this unity we started revolution, came off victors at all times and will go on forever.

To keep up the revolutionary spirit of Mt. Paektu is the vital requirement for us to cling fast to revolutionary principles in our onward march today and give full play to the invincibility of socialism of Korean type.

Now, with the change of time and alteration of generations, the imperialist and our class enemies of all hues dream of seeing a certain "change" in our revolutionary ranks. No, nothing of the kind can ever happen. No violent storms can take our people off the road of their own choice, the road of independence, Songun and socialism.

The anti-Japanese revolutionary veterans were the purest in mind; they were staunch revolutionaries who would better break than bend before the enemy. They were resolute fighters who never let go a renegade whoever he was, a kin or a relative.

The revolutionary spirit of Mt. Paektu keeps Korea alive forever.

The essence of this spirit is the defense of the revolutionary leader at the cost of one's life.

Many of our revolutionary forerunners gave their lives readily, when they should, to safeguard the leader. We must learn from their noble virtues of self-sacrifice.

Such indomitable revolutionary spirit is indispensible today too.

Men of the People's Army set examples in it. They never waver in their determination to die for the Leader any time if need be. They know victory will always be theirs as long as they are with the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.

Our people are full of hopes for the New Year, and the New Year expects them to make a new leap, a great innovation in their work to build a strong and prospering country.

The revolutionary spirit of Mt. Paektu is our nation's pride and glory.

Let us keep this spirit alive forever in our struggle for the victory of the revolutionary cause of Juche and Songun now led by the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.