Rodong Sinmun

Arms Buildup for Special Warfare


The U.S. is staging special operations across the world. Recently Hongkong, China, newspaper "Asia Times" reported that the U.S. special warfare forces have rapidly increased since the September 11, 2001, incident. The U.S. Special Operation Command has been reinforced from 33 000 troops in 2001 to 72 000 this year and its budget increased from 2.3 billion US$ in 2001 to 10.4 billion US$ last year.

The special warfare forces have expanded their bases from about 60 countries in the close of the Bush Administration to 134 countries today.

The Afghan and other wars in the past all started from operations of the U.S. special units. The U.S. special units are vanguards of aggression and plunder.

The U.S. attaches a great importance to special warfare by special forces.

The special forces take the lead in realizing the U.S. domination and plunder of other countries and nations and, further, the U.S. strategic objective to dominate the world. The objective of the U.S. special operation remains unchanged today too.

The U.S. armed its task forces with the latest weapons and is committing state terrorism and individual terrorism across the world.

The problem is serious because the theatre of operation of the U.S. special units is not limited to a few countries and regions.

The U.S. Special Operation Command is infiltrating its units into areas of major resources, points of military importance and other areas of strategic importance of the world and independent countries aspiring for justice and progress.

What cannot be overlooked is the fact the U.S. special forces are directing their focus to the Korean Peninsula.

Deployed on the Korean Peninsula today are the U.S. task forces along with its strategic nuclear strike means including nuclear weapons.

The U.S. pins its hope on special warfare at a second Korean War.

"Operation plan 5029", a U.S. war scenario against the DPRK is to infiltrate the U.S. Special Operation Command in south Korea, a special operation group under the U.S. CIA and special units of south Korea into the north of Korea 90 days ahead of war and give rise to "contingency" through internal disturbance before "occupying" the north by large armed forces' attack.

It is a foolish dream for the U.S. to occupy the DPRK by dint of its special forces.

The U.S. which is committing special operations across the world to expand its sphere of influence cannot but be denounced as wrecker of world peace and stability.

Jon Yong Hui