Rodong Sinmun

Stop Hostile Acts and Have Inter-Korean Ties


By the decision and firm will of our supreme headquarters to open a broad avenue for improving the inter-Korean relations by stopping all hostile military acts, the National Defence Commission (NDC) of the DPRK advanced crucial proposals to the south Korean authorities and later sent an open letter to them, and to various political parties, social organizations and people of various circles of south Korea.

All the hostile military acts that may get on the nerves of, and threaten, the dialogue partner should be stopped. By so doing, can we eliminate all sorts of distrust and confrontation and facilitate national reconciliation and unity for better inter-Korean relations.

Hostile military acts are the main factor in threatening national security and durable peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Our nation has long been suffering from national split and war menace.

A ceasefire does not mean peace. In Korea, war continues, only without gun-firing. Due to frantic war efforts of the US, the Korean Peninsula has become hottest spot in the world, where a war might break out at any moment.

Peace is more precious than anything else for the Korean people so much harassed by war threat. Hostile military acts are the main cause of stoking distrust and confrontation and a great obstacle preventing the improvement of inter-Korean relations.

The joint military exercises planned in south Korea against fellow countrymen should be stopped.

The DPRK has already declared it had taken practical measures to stop all military acts in land, sea and air of the frontline areas including the most sensitive waters off the five islets in the west sea. As it did in the past, our Republic will not do any military acts with foreign forces against national security and peace.

The south Korean authorities should give a positive response to the proposal of the DPRK National Defence Commission and the open letter. He is not a statesman who fails to see the current of the time and people’s sentiments. The south Korean authorities must make it bold to grasp the hands of reconciliation offered by fellow countrymen.

Refraining from all military acts of hostility will certainly lead to better north-south relations, national unity, peace and reunification.

Nobody will make a gift of peace and reunification to us, that must be achieved through struggle. All the south Korean political parties, organizations and people including the authorities should fully respond to our just appeal.

Sim Chol Yong