Rodong Sinmun

Vain Efforts to Hide What Can't Be Hidden


Of late, the Japanese Prime Minister admitted Japan had a secret agreement with the U.S. already in the 1960s on shipment of nuclear weapons to Japan. Asked about it by a Diet man, Japanese Prime Minister Abe said it was wrong to keep it a secret from the nation. The secret has long since been brought to light. But what merits our attention is that U.S.-Japan conspiracy for a nuclear war dates back as far as the 1960s, and Abe did not try to conceal it from the world public.

Despite all this, how funny for the U.S. military to let out a series of absurd claims that North Korea might bring nuclear disasters to the U.S. proper and the Korean Peninsula and plunge the world into a chaos.

With none of its eloquence, however, can Washington hide its evil design and frenzied efforts to unleash a horrible nuclear war on our Republic.

Nuclear arms buildup has long been a Japan's dream and a strategic target to become a military giant.

Japan has long since developed nuclear technology and augmented its plutonium storage and got fully prepared to put out and possess nukes any time it needs. Now, Japan's nuclear armament remains not merely possibility; it will soon be a reality. Abe's answer to a Diet man shows how far Japan is going in its nuclear armament.

If the U.S is really concerned about the nuclear threat, it must care about what a poisonous mushroom is  growing under the U.S. nuclear umbrella. If the U.S. really wants peace and nuclear arms cutback, it must give up its ambition for nuclear preemptive attack on our Republic and stop forthwith the nuclear war exercises planned in south Korea.

Ri Hyon Do