Rodong Sinmun

Make a Bold Decision Now


The recent North-South high level contact agreed to stop slandering against the other and a joint report was made to this effect. More and more people voice their support for this agreement. But things are going uglier in south Korea disappointing the fellow countrymen.

The Unification Ministry of south Korea declared their claim for "respect for human rights in the North" is not any kind of slander. Meanwhile, the south Korean military asserted the "psychological warfare" has nothing to do with slandering, adding more stress would be put to the warfare during the forthcoming military exercises Key Resolve and Foal Eagle. The conservative media in south Korea have become more frantic in their slander campaign against our Republic.

What is their "psychological warfare"? They say nothing was referred to it in the north-south high level contact and therefore it is entirely a separate problem. This is a sheer lie and a hackneyed trick. Their so-called "psychological warfare" puts its spotlight on debasing our honor and political system and spurs arms conflicts and a total war between the two parts of Korea.

Stopping from harmful slander is the first thing to do for better inter-Korean relations. In its crucial proposals and an open letter, the National Defence Commission of our Republic suggested that both sides stop slander and calumny that might stimulate the other side and refrain from military hostile acts that might cause distrust and confrontation against the other. We asked the south Korean side to make a bold decision, and we declared we would take positive steps towards this end. Indeed we have been doing all we can to put our words into practice.

If the south Korean authorities really want to see the improved bilateral relations, they should stop all slandering and give an ear to the demand of the nation and the world public.

Ho Yong Min