Rodong Sinmun

Political Whore


Some time ago, Obama visited south Korea.

He had long been awaited by south Korea's Park Geun Hye. They talked and they interviewed with the media. Voices accusing us echoed high. Again they found fault with us for human rights issue and nuclear issue.

Oiling her tongue on Obama, she burst into a profanity of insults, nagging at our line of parallel development of nuclear arms and the economy, slashing at our dignity and political system. It was an act of treason to do us harm by joining voices with outsider.

Obama's trip to south Korea was not included in the itinerary of his recent Asian tour. Park wanted it. She earnestly appealed for it. She said Obama's Seoul visit would boost her morale to boldly stand against "North's challenge."

When Obama turned up in Seoul, Park was cheered up, full of peps as if she were going to see her Lord. She again harped on the same tune about "denuclearization of the north", threatening "4th nuclear test", if attempted again, would be another trial for the North under growing international pressure.

The U.S. has shipped in to south Korea a huge amount of nuclear weapons. This certainly boosted nuclear war danger in the Korean Peninsula. But Park has said nothing of it, while pecking so viciously at our nuclear deterrence. That’s why many Koreans now wonder whether Park is a Korean or not. After all, she is a woman with whom no Koreans can live under the same roof.

None of the successive south Korean puppet rulers had ever accompanied the U.S. President in his visit to the south Korea-U.S. Combined Forces Command. There she emphasized the need to build up war deterrence against the North and get ready bravely to take up the challenge from the North. Thus she put spurs to their galloping war coach.

Given a shot in her arm by Obama’s trip, she officially declared her readiness to keep the N-S relations in a quagmire and come out in an all-out frontal confrontation against the North.

Park Geun Hye will surely be forced to pay dearly for all the crimes she has committed against the nation.

Choe Chol Sun