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Comic Strip Carried by South Korean Internet (1)

Chastised Girl, Waiting for an OK


South Korea blushed for its President Park Geun Hye. Her servility to Obama during his visit to Seoul caused a howl of derision, complaints and denunciation. Comic pictures and cartoon strips posted in south Korean websites just give a vivid illustration of the public feelings.

Below are some of the cartoon pictures placed on a website "Neighbor Café" on April 28 last.

Illustrations for the first picture say, "Student Geun Hye, are you having your homework checked?", "Geun Hye waiting for Obama's signature on the guest book." And the illustrations for the second picture say, "Geun Hye seems being chastised or something", "Your signature, please…, she's flattering as if getting an Obama's OK."

What a pungent sarcasm between impudence of master and subservience of servant Park Geun Hye.

For all her flattery, south Korean president is no more than "a student standing in a corner or a shoulder-down waiting to get an Obama's OK."

Obama's recent south Korean visit laid bare what Park Geun Hye really is, she is a colonial servant and a political whore.


Rodong Sinmun