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Voices of S. Korean and World People about Sunken Ferry "Sewol" (4)


"Government Be Overturned. This is the only way to life"


A candle-light meeting was held at Munhwa Plaza in Ansan, Kyonggi Province some days ago to mourn the victims of the ferry "Sewol" accident and to prove into the truth behind it. More than 20 000 south Korean people of different circles participated in the meeting and looked back upon the memory of the victims.

A father read a letter to his son, who was a student of Tanwon High School. In the letter he was sorry for not rescuing his son and wanted to plunge into sea those who did not perform their duties at the critical moment. After hearing the letter, the participants lamented, calling the names of their children and family members.

The father of a schoolgirl said that as soon as he was called from his daughter he asked her to come out to the deck of the ferry at any cost and she could save her life, adding that the survivals could save their lives not by relief but by extrication.

If the accident was the natural disaster, we would not so grieve at it, the participants said and strongly held that a thorough investigation be made into Park Geun Hye and all others concerned.

Earlier, the south Korean internet paper "Voice of People" reported that Park Geun Hye was entirely responsible for the fact that there are so many incompetent and unbecoming bureaucrats in south Korea.

Some days ago, the U.S. paper Wall Street Journal conducted public opinion poll about the remark of Park Geun Hye that captain and crewmen of the ferry "Sewol" are to blame for the accident.

The south Korean people ridicule Park as a master for the grave keeper who has turned the whole of south Korea into a hell on earth. They call for overthrow of the Park Geun Hye "regime" at an early date in order to get rid of uneasiness that similar disasters may break out any moment again.


Jo Hyang Son