Rodong Sinmun


For Peace and Reunification


On June 25, 1950, the U.S. and south Korean traitors started a war against our Republic, war that left indelible scars on the Korean nation. Each year this day comes round, the nation's hatred for the Yankee devils would flare up more fiercely.

Today, 64 years ago, Syngman Rhee and his puppet army, aided and abetted by U.S. warmongers, lit the fuse of war against our Republic. Soon, American troops joined in the war.

The distinction between us and the enemy became clear. It was a war between our young Republic, only two years old then, in one hand and in the other the U.S., - a would-be "world mightiest" and troops of 15 of its satellites, plus south Korean puppet troops. It was a war between allied forces of imperialism and us.

In this war, our army and people were led by the great leader Kim Il Sung, an ever-victorious iron-willed brilliant commander and outstanding military strategist. Our army and people showed matchless bravery and mass heroism in the war and defended the country's freedom and independence with credit.

After three years of fight, the U.S. lost the war. It marked the beginning of U.S. downhill turn toward ruin.

The credit for war victory went to President Kim Il Sung and his original military idea and strategy and tactics, and the credit also went to patriotism and indomitable fighting spirit of our Army and people.

60 and more years have gone by since the war. But war threats have not been removed from the Korean Peninsula due to the incessant war provocations of the U.S. and south Korean war-maniacs.

For the Korean nation who has suffered the holocaust of most outrageous war nothing is more precious than peace and national reunification.

All Koreans, wherever they live, should unite firm in the struggle for peace against war, and frustrate the scheme of the U.S. and south Korean puppets for arms build-up and a new war against our Republic. They must all come out in a nation-wide struggle to drive out of south Korea the U.S. troops of aggression, the very disturber of peace in the Korean Peninsula. All Koreans must turn out in the patriotic struggle for thorough implementation of the June 15 N-S joint declaration and October 4 Declaration.

Let's all fight tenaciously against war schemes of anti-reunification forces at home and abroad and for national reunification, peace and prosperity.