Rodong Sinmun

Who Made Them Brutes?


It was belatedly disclosed that scoundrels of the 28th division of the south Korean puppet army brutally assaulted a recruit to death, shocking south Korean society greatly.

Horrible violence, barbarous torture, despicable concealment of the crime after the murder, poor investigation of the incident and so on disclosed the corrupt nature of the south Korean puppet army.

It vividly revealed the puppet army as a group of devils obsessed with man-hating ideas and brutality.

Last year alone over 45 000 soldiers of the puppet army were crippled or mentally deranged by all sorts of murderous torture.

Nearly half of 66 000 inmates in the puppet army guardhouses in the last 5 years are said to be confirmed assaulters.

Unable to endure cruel assaults any longer, many soldiers shoot at random or commit suicide at their barracks.

Such incidents occur almost every day in the puppet army.

"Soldiers of concern" who may commit suicide, shoot at random and act brutally are more than 7 000 and the number of deaths from suicide has reached 65% of all the deaths in the puppet army.

Like this, the south Korean puppet army has turned into a den of mad dogs. The south Korean puppet authorities are totally to blame for it.

Much upset by the stirring public criticism of the incident, the puppet army bosses are busy making an apology to the people and punishing criminals.

But, nothing can be changed in the puppet army that is depraved mentally and morally and cannot be maintained even for a moment without violence.

It is a disgrace to the south Korean people that such a gang of brutes devoid of human feelings is posing as a pillar of safeguard.

Clear is the conclusion. As long as the fascist gangsters in power train the puppet army into cutthroats and drive them to confrontation with fellow countrymen and provocation of war, such a tragedy can never disappear.

Ho Yong Min