Inappropiate Utterances Chilling Atmosphere of Dialogue


At the New Year news conference, the south Korean chief executive let out stupid remarks that the beginning of the south-north dialogue can be described as the effect made by the U.S.-led sanctions and pressure, "Trump's feats are very great" and "he wanted to express thanks" to Trump.

Not content with such vituperation, he said that the south side began dialogue to "provide a chapter of dialogue" for "denuclearization, not to improve the relations with the north.

That day he noted that he would not pursue dialogue only and would keep pace with the international community's sanctions, and added that the improvement of the north-south ties and "the settlement of the nuclear issue" are inseparable.

As to the summit, he even went the lengths of claiming that it would be held when the conditions are created and there should be results.

What he mouthed is hardly believable as the remarks of dialogue partner.

The every word vividly expressed the humiliating mind to curry favor with the U.S. The south Korean authorities are sadly mistaken.

We will make positive efforts to improve the north-south ties but never pardon the anti-reunification reckless acts swimming against the trend.

The south Korean authorities would be well advised to behave themselves, properly understanding the stand and will of the DPRK on the inter-Korean relations.

Jo Nam Su