U.S. Is Chief Culprit of Nuclear Proliferation


The U.S.-Japan atomic energy agreement which allowed Japan's plutonium extraction through the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel and uranium enrichment has been automatically extended.

This is a product of the island reactionaries' crafty calculation to realize the ambition for nuclear possession at the tacit connivance of their master, and the dirty intention of the U.S. to use Japan as a shock brigade in invading Asia.

The U.S. is a nuclear war criminal that dropped A-bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki whereas Japan is a would-be nuclear criminal that made desperate efforts till right before its defeat while carrying out nuclear explosion test in the waters off Hungnam, Korea.

The U.S. has systematically supported Japan's expansion of nuclear capabilities by granting it the privileged position regarding the nuclear technological transfer and reprocessing of the spent nuclear fuel and by cooperating in the construction of reprocessing plant. Now it has allowed the automatic extension of the U.S.-Japan atomic energy agreement, thus fuelling Japan's ambition for nuclear weaponization.

Japan is seeking the revival of the blood-stained imperial era, being buoyed by the ambition for reinvasion. It is watching for a chance to go nuclear at the tacit connivance of the U.S. just like a stray cat eyeing an oil bowl.

Several forces following the U.S. are soliciting it to grant them the same right as Japan's, doubling the danger of the situation.

The U.S. is a chief culprit which spreads the nuclear weapons technology throughout the planet, namely Northeast Asia and the Middle East, and gives rise to the worldwide nuclear arms race.

Ri Hyo Jin