Dependence on Outsiders Ruins Country


All countries and nations should cultivate and bolster their own strength and resolve everything with recourse to it in order to achieve independent development and prosperity.

Dependence on others is a very dangerous virus which makes a nation mean and weak and ruins a country.

Now that the imperialists are getting more desperate in their moves to dominate other countries and nations and the world, to try to get benefit from outsiders while depending on them, instead of depending on his strength, is just as foolish as an act of ruining oneself.

The countries aspiring to independence and progress should not depend on others but carve out their destiny independently and creatively in order to preserve their political independence and achieve economic prosperity.

When a country faces socio-economic difficulties and harsher pressure by the imperialist and hegemonic forces, it should advance, firmly believing in its strength. If it vacillates even a bit, it just leads to an irretrievable flop.

The experience of the DPRK which has emerged victorious without any failure and frustration in its line clearly proves that self-reliance is just an ever-victorious weapon.

Ri Hak Nam