Let Us Give Full Play to Advantages of Socialism


It presents itself as a very urgent requirement to fully display the advantages of socialism now that we are faced with the weighty task of further accelerating the advance of the Korean revolution with firm confidence in victory.

The foundation of socialism is the people.

Only when socialism preserves the nature as a genuine society of the people and fully demonstrates its advantages, can it display the might as invincible socialism that the popular masses resolutely defend and add luster to and as steadily prospering, vital socialism.

To give full play to the advantages of Korean-style socialism is a noble work for adding luster to the undying feats of the great leaders who built true socialism centered on the popular masses.

It is also an important undertaking for accelerating the advance of the revolution by providing all the service personnel and people with firmer confidence in socialism and by training the masses to be more powerful beings.

Dr. U Hyang Suk