Children's Union Members Are Masters of Future of Socialist Korea


The members of the Korean Children's Union (KCU) are masters of the future of the country.

Only when the members of the KCU grow up to be dependable pillars who would shoulder upon themselves the future of the country, will a steady continuity be given to the revolution and a bright future be opened for socialist Korea.

Noble love of the Workers' Party of Korea for the younger generation and future is pabulum cultivating true young revolutionaries.

The new generation can grow up to be pillars who would carry forward the revolution only under the warm loving care like the sun.

No children are so happy as the members of the KCU who are growing up happily with no more to desire in the world under the warm care of the Party and the state, being blessed by all the people of the country. Even though they are young, they are sincere and admirable as they know how to uphold the Party and the country and they are displaying the honor of the nation in the international arena with outstanding talents while building the tower of knowledge to become world-renowned scientists and inventors. It is the great pride of Juche Korea to have a large contingent of such dependable young patriots. The dependable appearance of the members of the KCU greatly heartens our Party and people and in it they see the bright future of socialist Korea.

Future Korea belongs to the members of the KCU and their look reflects the tomorrow of the country.

Let all the KCU members firmly prepare themselves to be true sons and daughters of socialist Korea, fluttering the red neckties.