Socialist Public Health System Centred on Popular Masses


The socialist public health system in the DPRK is the best one based on the great Juche idea.

The public health in the DPRK is symbolic of the advantages of Korean-style socialism centered on the popular masses, where the working masses are masters of everything and everything in society serves them.

Under the socialist system in our country, the people live in happiness free from all worries about healthcare.

Free medical treatment is a major state and social policy in our country.

Various healthcare policies, including a section doctor system, a system for keeping the children and women healthy and a social security system, are in force in our country. Besides, such professional medical services as telemedicine system and emergency treatment are making steady progress.

The Party's policy of preventive medicine has been implemented so fully that all the people work and live in good health under more hygienic and cultured environment.

The socialist public health system in our country is the best advantageous popular system in view of its character and substance.

Choe Suk Hyon