Let Us Bring about Radical Turn in Potato Farming


 It has been 20 years since the policy of bringing about revolution in potato farming was set forth by Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Il gave field guidance to Taehongdan County, Ryanggang Province on Oct. 1, Juche 87(1998) to advance the policy of bringing about a radical turn in potato farming, and clearly indicated the orientation and ways for increasing the agricultural production of the country through extensive potato farming.

The advancing of the policy was a historic event as it paved a broad avenue for effecting a fresh upsurge in agricultural production in keeping with the specific conditions of the country and the trend of the development of modern science and technology.

The scientific accuracy and validity of the policy have been clearly proved for two decades since its emergence.

Our Party set forth the policy of raising potatoes on a large scale in all possible areas, whether they are mountainous or flat, and has wisely led the struggle to implement it.

Under the wise guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, a fresh turn is now being brought about in the implementation of this policy.

We should effect a radical turn in potato farming so as to bring about a fresh leap forward in the drive to settle the food issue of the people.

We should turn out as one in the struggle to implement the policy and bring about a new turn in the improvement of the people’s standard of living and the building of an economic giant and thus fully display the vitality of the Party’s agricultural policy.