DPRK-China Friendship Is Common Treasure of Two Peoples


It has been 69 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties at ambassadorial level between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the People’s Republic of China.

The establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries served as an epochal occasion in developing the friendly relations between their peoples into a high level.

Historically the Korean and Chinese peoples have deepened the feelings of friendship and strengthened ties in the course helping with each other in the struggle against the imperialist aggressors.

President Kim Il Sung went through deadly crises together with Chinese revolutionaries in the days of the anti-Japanese war.

The revolutionaries and peoples of the two countries further deepened the comradely obligation and friendship in a civil war in China after the defeat of the Japanese imperialists.

The two armies and peoples of the DPRK and China fought in the same trench during the great Fatherland Liberation War.

The DPRK-China friendship has developed down through generations without wavering in any trials and storms.

The flower garden of DPRK-China friendship is now in full bloom under the deep care of the leaders of the two countries.

The historic three visits to China by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in the year served as important occasions in dynamically promoting and advancing more vigorously the DPRK-China friendship, a strategic choice of the two parties and two countries.

It is an unshakable stand of our Party and government to boost the traditional DPRK-China relations of friendship as required by the era.

The Chinese party and government also attach importance to the friendly and cooperative relations between the two countries and have expressed their intention to make all efforts to creditably defend and develop them.

The history of unbreakable DPRK-China friendship will as ever go on thanks to joint efforts of the two peoples.

An Chol Gwon