Let Us Make Korean Peninsula Lasting Peace Zone


It is the steadfast will of the DPRK to eradicate military hostility between north and south and make the Korean peninsula a durable and lasting peace zone.

To make the peninsula a durable and lasting peace zone is not a goal for the authorities of the north and the south only.

It is the historic task set for the whole Korean nation. There will be no discrimination between the north and the south and between individual class and stratum as far as the historic national struggle for completely removing the danger of war and achieving peace and prosperity on this land.

All Koreans should unite as one to wage a dynamic struggle for checking and frustrating every act of wrecking peace and inciting military tension on this land, bearing in mind that they are chiefly responsible for peace on the Korean peninsula. All Koreans, wherever they live, should positively conduct various activities to disclose and denounce the moves of outsiders for aggression and demand lasting peace on the Korean peninsula.

Any challenge and interference by the anti-reunification forces can never block the way of the Korean nation who is making a dynamic advance with confidence in the rosy future of the nation, closely united under the banner of patriotism and independent reunification.

Sim Chol Yong