It Is the Demand of the Times to Implement the Inter-Korean Declarations


Some time ago the reunification movement organizations of south Korea held a press interview, in which they pointed out that the authorities did not optimize the opportunity to improve the inter-Korean relations, waiting for the US to give them its “okay” and strongly demanded that they should respect the inter-Korean declarations and independently adopt measures for the durable peace of the Korean peninsula. This truthfully reflects the desire of south Koreans to thoroughly implement the historic Panmunjom Declaration and the Pyongyang September Joint Declaration under the banner of national independence, steadily carry on with the relaxation of the tensions of the peninsula and the atmosphere of its peace and improve the inter-Korean relations without cease.

Various circles of the south Korean society maintain that measures for the enduring peace of the peninsula must be adopted on independent lines, demanding the execution of the inter-Korean declarations. This is quite natural.

If they wish for the betterment of the inter-Korean relations, the peace of the peninsula and the co-prosperity of the nation all Koreans should assume a correct posture on the relations and evince in practice their will to execute them.

Our nation is the master of the inter-Korean relations in every respect, and has the wisdom and power to ameliorate them. Therefore, it should be firmly confident of adhering to the principle of its independence and thoroughly putting it into practice to better the relations. The inter-Korean relations can be improved only through national cooperation. Nobody can criticize Koreans themselves for settling the problem of their bilateral relations by their joint united efforts. The whole nation will definitely denounce anyone for attempting to invite foreign forces to interfere in its internal affairs.

So long as the north and the south have confirmed the principle of their national independence there is no need for them to study others’ pleasure and still worse, receive approval from foreign forces. It is of capital importance to put an end to subservience to big powers, the ensuing loss of the spirit of independence and the policy of depending on foreign forces to invade the common interests of the nation for the purpose of saving the grave situation prevailing on the Korean peninsula and carrying on with the stream of its detente and peace. It is the demand of the situation to repudiate foreign forces, give top priority to the fundamental interests and demand of the nation and subordinate everything to them.

The north and the south have nothing to fear and fail to do when they are definitely disposed to hold fast to and thoroughly fulfill their declarations by the united efforts of the nation in any storm and stress.

Pak Chol Jun