Being Well Aware That They Are Responsible for Life and Health of People


In Myongchon County, explanation and education are intensified so that its inhabitants can never slacken their vigilance as COVID-19 has not entered our country yet.

Its public health workers are intensifying medical examination of the inhabitants while explaining preventive measures to them in an efficient way.

The county has laid an antiseptic solution base with a capacity of thousands of liters to supply its products to factories, enterprises and neighborhood units and thus ensures disinfection on a regular basis.

Officials of the Ryokpho District Hygienic and Anti-epidemic Center are frequenting factories, enterprises, farms and residential areas.

There, they are conducting effective explanation and information services to make sure that all people take an active part in the hygienic and anti-epidemic work, wearing masks, washing their hands frequently and drinking boiled water.

Along with this, water supply and drainage system of the district is disinfected in a responsible way and prompt measures are taken against any slightest abnormal practices.


Kim Myong