In Order to Strictly Check the Entry of COVID-19


In the light of the fact that a national emergency anti-epidemic state was declared and the Covid-19 is rapidly spreading throughout the world, officials of the State Quality Inspection Commission are minutely organizing and directing the inspection and quarantine work at the major border spots.

The Nampho Inspection and Quarantine Agency for Exports and Imports, in the course of constantly acquainting itself with the ongoing quarantine in a foresighted manner, found out several shortcomings.

Its inspectors and quarantine officers made and installed disinfection equipment at Nampho Port in two days and rigidly inspected, quarantined and disinfected materials from abroad and dischargers in a responsible manner.

North Phyongan, South Hamgyong provincial and Songrim inspection and quarantine agencies for exports and imports are conducting quarantine in a thoroughgoing way as well.

Kim Ok Byol