In Order to Raise Rate of Rooting of Saplings


The Kanggye University of Agriculture and Forestry has made several findings in the research into production method of Terracottem and its application effectiveness.

Based on this achievement, it erected a Terracottem production base using raw materials of our country by its own efforts where it is producing liquid Terracottem and degenerated humic Terracottem.

The liquid Terracottem can be used as a root treatment agent when transporting saplings from tree nurseries or planting them in the plantation.

The introduction of the solid degenerated humic Terracottem which makes it possible to raise saplings without humus and other cultivating substrate provides tree nurseries and plantations in Jagang Province with a condition for rearing stout saplings on their own.

Scientists of the university are putting spurs to research for further improving degenerated humic Terracottem.

Kang Chol Ung