Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Is Outstanding Leader

Who Dynamically Advances the Revolutionary Cause of Juche 


Eight years have passed since Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was elected to the top post of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the state in April 2012, reflecting the unanimous will of all the Party members, people and service personnel.

The great Kim Jong Un’s era is an honorable one in which the revolutionary cause of Juche is inherited pure and clean generation after generation and in which proud advances and leaps are made in the difficult situation.

Today, the revolutionary ideology of the leader and the socialist ideals and principles are steadfastly adhered to in our country.

In our country, a great army of stalwart successors armed with the revolutionary spirit of Paektu and firmly united around the leader is growing up.

In our country at present, innovative successes for bringing earlier the thriving future of a powerful country are being achieved multiply and continuously amid the fierce flame of an all-people onward march of self-reliance.

The present dynamic frontal offensive on all the fronts of socialist construction is a clear manifestation of the rock-firm faith and will of our Party and people to more vigorously push forward the socialist construction in thorough reliance on self-support and self-reliance.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is a peerlessly great man leading the revolutionary cause of Juche only to victory with outstanding qualities and personality.

He is the supreme incarnation of revolutionary faith and obligation boundlessly loyal to the revolutionary cause of Juche.

He is a peerless man of great ability who is creditably realizing political leadership over all the domains of the revolution and construction.

He is the utmost paragon of selfless devoted efforts to the people who is always sharing weal and woe with them and dedicating his all to translating their dreams and ideals into reality.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, possessed of all the qualities and traits befitting the leader of the socialist cause, is, indeed, another peerlessly great person whom the great Kim Il Sung’s nation hold in high esteem for the vigorous advance of the Juche revolution and the glorious future of the independent era.

The revolutionary cause of Juche will emerge victorious forever as there are the experienced and seasoned leadership of the ever-victorious Workers’ Party of Korea and the service personnel and people who are keeping their heartbeats and pace with the leader.

Chae Chol Ryong