Party’s Ideal Is Fighting Target of Officials


Today, our people are waging a dynamic frontal offensive breaking through all obstacles and hardship under the banner of self-reliance true to the leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

It is important for all the officials to set ambitious fighting goals and carry them out in a persevering manner in order to accelerate the general onward march for opening a fresh avenue for socialist construction.

Officials should have high ideals and ambitions.

Their ideal and ambition should keep up with the developing times and revolution.

Officials should set it as the fighting goal to translate the Party’s ideal into reality.

The Party’s ideal embodies the people’s dreams and aspirations as well as the requirement of the times and revolution.

Our Party’s ideal is to go ahead of others in the world in all the domains and spheres of socialist construction.

The officials should orient their ambitions, fighting goals, preparedness and zeal toward following and implementing the Party’s ideal.

In order for the officials to keep themselves on a par with the Party’s ideal, they should be possessed of high qualifications and ability.

They should make it their habitual trait to thoroughly rely on the popular masses so as to creditably realize the Party’s lofty ideal.

All the officials should accelerate the advance of our revolution by energetically leading the masses in the van of the frontal offensive for making a breakthrough with the Party’s grandiose ideal as their fighting goal.

Kim Pyong Jin