Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Convenes Enlarged Meeting of Executive Policy Council of C. C., WPK in Typhoon-hit Area before Inspection 


Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and supreme commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, convened and guided the enlarged meeting of the Executive Policy Council of the Central Committee of the WPK for organizing the campaign for recovery from natural disasters in areas in South and North Hamgyong provinces hit by Typhoon No.9. 

Attending the meeting were members of the Executive Policy Council of the Party Central Committee and leading officials of the Organizational Leadership Department, the Information and Publicity Department and other major departments of the Party Central Committee. 

Also present at the meeting were Vice Marshal of the Korean People's Army (KPA) Pak Jong Chon, chief of the KPA General Staff, and other KPA commanding officers. 

A vigorous campaign to eradicate the aftermath of the floods and typhoon which recently hit several areas of the DPRK has been underway. Against this backdrop South and North Hamgyong provinces were hit by Typhoon No. 9 that did damage to some areas of the two provinces on Sept. 3. 

Heavy rain and strong wind by Typhoon No. 9 caused damage to some areas of the two provinces. So Supreme Leader of the Party, state and army Kim Jong Un immediately dispatched vice-chairmen of the Party Central Committee to the typhoon-hit areas so that they could learn in detail about the damage to each field.

On Sept. 5, he arrived in the typhoon-hit areas in South Hamgyong Province and received a detailed report on the typhoon damage from vice-chairmen of the Party Central Committee.

Heavy rain and strong wind by Typhoon No. 9 destroyed over 1 000 dwellings along the coastline areas of the two provinces each and not a few public buildings and farmlands were inundated.

The meeting had an in-depth discussion about the issue of the recovery from damage in the typhoon-hit areas of the two provinces and studied and decided on the detailed measures such as organization of building force to be urgently dispatched to the areas, designs and material transport. 

The Supreme Leader underscored the need to make the recovery campaign from damage an important political work and an occasion of consolidating the single-mined unity, not just an economic and business work for eradicating the aftermath of natural disasters, and said that it would be good to make the Capital City positively aid the provinces so as to make the noble spiritual and moral virtues of taking preferential care of those living a difficult life and overcoming difficulties while sharing joy and sorrow with them all the time in the whole society a socialist custom.

He also said that for the party members, especially those in the capital to take the lead in aiding the provinces when the country undergoes difficulties and hardships would make a great contribution to the strengthening of the single-minded unity of our society. And he said that the Party Central Committee will appeal to the core party members in Pyongyang City to turn out after organizing capital party member divisions.

He expressed belief that party members of the capital would play a vanguard role in the recovery campaign in the disaster-stricken areas true to the intention of the Central Committee of the Party and fully demonstrate the single-minded unity of our society, sharing weal and woe with party members and workers in local areas and that they would do a large share of work in the holy campaign ahead of the 75th founding anniversary and the 8th Congress of the Party.

Saying that it is necessary to issue a general mobilization order to the transport field this time as during the campaign for recovery from the damage in the northern part of the country a few years ago and push ahead with the transport organization and control to ensure the sufficient supply of materials necessary for rehabilitation, he took measures one by one after estimating the amount of major materials needed for rehabilitation.

Expressing belief that the People's Army would faithfully fulfill its mission and duty as defender of the country and creator of the people's happiness, he issued an order of the Central Military Commission of the WPK of calling for conducting a campaign for recovery of South Hamgyong Province and North Hamgyong Province from damage.

At the enlarged meeting of the Executive Policy Council, Kim Song Il, chairman of the South Hamgyong Provincial Committee of the WPK, was dismissed and a vice-director of the Organizational Leadership Department of the C.C., WPK was newly appointed as chairman of the provincial party committee.

After concluding the meeting, the Supreme Leader inspected the typhoon-hit areas in South Hamgyong Province.

He was accompanied by vice-chairmen of the Central Committee of the Party, commanding officers of the People's Army and leading officials of the major departments of the Central Committee of the Party.

Pointing out that as it was shown by the damage by the recent tidal wave, the conditions of the overall coastline of our country is poor and sea dikes were not properly built, he stressed that this issue is also one of the work to be quickly tackled by us as an important political task.

He noted that given the potential exposure to the wildness of nature in the future, it is necessary to make a plan for moving residential districts near the sea to safe zone in the future while thoroughly examining and considering their safety.

He said that in order to build permanent quality coastline structures for protecting residential districts and farmlands from the effect of tidal wave and typhoon, it is necessary to make good study and plan for building sea dike and harbor breakwater according to the standard method of construction, with the involvement of science research units of the marine and hydraulic engineering field and designing institutes specializing in the design of harbor and wharf breakwater, and build them under yearly plan by mobilizing state force.

Learning about the growth of the crops damaged by typhoon, he called for taking positive agricultural and technological measures for minimizing the reduction of the yield.

He expressed the conviction that our Party and people would certainly make an advance while winning great and fresh victory single-mindedly, and our state would certainly be more prosperous however wild the nature may be and how many difficulties we may face.

Political News Team