Chairman Kim Jong Il’s Care for Pyongyang Cold Noodle


On several occasions including February 2 and October 17 in Juche 100(2011), the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un gave precious instructions on nicely cooking Pyongyang cold noodle at Okryu Restaurant associated with warm love of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il for the people.

He saw to it that a noodle-making contest was arranged among famous restaurants in Pyongyang and personally taught how to evaluate the results of the contest. When Okryu Restaurant took the first place at the contest, he was considerably satisfied and granted great favors to the restaurant.

He gave attentive teachings even about the broth and noodle strips well known for their sapidity, refreshingness and fragrance.

Once, the respected General Secretary taught in detail about the cuisine for Pyongyang cold noodle including the thickness of noodle strips and dough-kneading.

He also requested time and again that Okryu Restaurant must retain the peculiar flavor and traditions in making Pyongyang cold noodle.

Stressing the need to make Okryu Restaurant thrive, he highly praised that its cold noodle is the best.

Thanks to the benevolent care of the respected General Secretary, the peculiar flavor of Pyongyang cold noodle is kept as it is and the cold noodle is enjoying popularity as national food.


Rodong Sinmun